My family consists of my mother and father. They both work – but luckily my father works at different hours – so during the day he is often at home with me.

Our garden opens out to the moor – therefore I am only out there together with my mother and father. In the summer I can be out in a big closed yard. It is in connection  with our patio so I can go out there whenever I want to. You find both sun and shade – so I enjoy it very much.

The beach is only 10 minutes from where we live, so we often go there. I am taken for walks at least 4 times a day – and often even more.

We also play on our walks – sometimes my father will throw 4-6 coins on a lawn – there I’ll run and find them one at a time and take them to my father. Then I’ll get a goodie and be praised. That’s really fun!

I also get trained – here I am following a track (scent).

Several times a week – it’s the bike. I enjoy running some kilometers – it keeps you fit.

When alone at home – I can be all over the house. When I am in the living room looking out of the glass door – I can se which dogs are taken for walks. When they go for walk in the moor – they’ll all pass our house, you see.

Poetic pictures (pictures of mood) from the moor – winter, spring, summer, autum.