In order to improve a better hip dysplasia status Visti only mates with bitches with no hip dysplasia. The bitches must come from families without any hereditary diseases.

 This way we hope that the Rottweiler breed can be improved.




HD:A1, AA1, HD-INDEX 127,54

 AK, PH, FP, UHP 20 KM

is available for Rottweiler breeding with bitches selected for breeding/stud and without hip dysplasia.



Official judge of the breed: Susanne Pedersen.


Middle-size with strong bones, a harmonic dog. Well-shaped head, medium length. Big well-positioned ears. The bridge of the nose is straight and has a good breadth. Almondeyed. Dark gums and lip edges. Teeth and bite are ok. Good strong neck with some loose skin. Deep chest. Straight, strong and tight line of the back. Medium long and broad loin. Strong well-positioned parallel limbs. Fine carpus and tarsus. A good stock hair fur with underfur.  Well-defined warm drawings.

Light energetic movements. Has a good drift and runs energetically.

Special points: The dog’s harmony.